"I felt completely secure exploring the nuances of the problem..."

I successfully completed a coaching programme with Yule and would like to endorse his coaching ability.

Yule displayed a high degree of professionalism whilst remaining warm, considerate, and accommodating. This made for a very comfortable interaction between us. I felt completely secure exploring the nuances of the problem he was helping me with through discussion with him, and the reflections/journaling exercises. I was also impressed by his ability to listen with attention and a keen ear for the things that are said beneath the words that are spoken.

Just in repeating back to me what he had heard me say, he was often able to re-frame my own articulations in a way that would bring my attention to aspects of the problem, or myself, that I had not noticed previously or had not investigated in depth. With Yule's guidance I was able to resolve my issue, much faster than I imagined possible, after struggling with it off and on for many years of my life.