Who Am I?

My experience in the field of Human Resources and Organisational Development has equipped me with a strong ability to coach business leaders and clients to their own insights and to recognise various possibilities for achieving their personal goals. The words “purpose” and “intention” summarise who I am at heart and I pride myself on engaging authentically with all clients.

Because I value human connection, my strength lies in motivating clients toward articulating and achieving their personal goals, communicating their thoughts and feelings and what brings them meaning. My coaching approach explores creative expression, productivity, tapping into clients’ natural strengths to enable them to fulfil their untapped and highest potential. As a speaker, I enjoy engaging with small or large groups and am generally perceived as an engaging facilitator by audiences. I appreciate and value that we are all individuals and have ideas to offer. I am passionate about education and the plight of our next generation and intentionally volunteer at an NPO teaching English literacy to grades two and three.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with family and close friends, as well as journaling, spending time in nature and gardening and also taking time to be still and reflect. Reading and acquiring knowledge is one of my favourite hobbies.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, I practise mindfulness and meditation, yoga, enjoy spending time with my cocker spaniel and occasionally work out at the gym.