At Transcendent, we collaborate with our clients in a partnership and coach the whole individual to show up authentically and facilitate personal transformation. We offer a variety of coaching services to Corporate and Private Clients; Small, Medium and Micro-sized Enterprises (SMMEs) and Non-Profit Organizations (NPO’s), including the following areas:

Neuroscience Coaching

We coach clients to be aware of self-limiting beliefs and how to overcome them to improve overall performance and well-being.

  • Be aware how your thoughts play a role in emotions and illness.
  • Be aware how ignoring your internal emotional state can contribute to mental and physical illness and being unwell.
  • Recognise your daily patterns can either sustain, enhance or inhibit longevity and well-being.

Executive Coaching

We coach Executives, current and future leaders to enable them to recognise new possibilities to be more productive and to lead and perform their roles  more effectively in the organisation.

  • Recognise the leadership challenges you are facing and overcome them.
  • Feel more equipped as an Executive or Leader to reach organisational targets in a rapidly changing environment while managing a large team.
  • Feel more empowered and productive as Executive or Leader as you gain skills to that will benefit you, your teams and the organisation.

Integral Coaching

We utilise various coaching tools to implement an outcome-based coaching programme, to enable clients to discern new habitual patterns that pave the way for sustainable personal change and self-development.

  • Do you need tools to help you achieve your personal goals?
  • Too many ‘to-do’ lists and unsure what is getting in the way of you achieving your personal and professional goals?
  • How do you show up in the world that is currently not serving you to fulfil your fullest potential?
  • Are you always busy and find it difficult to “switch off” and enjoy the present moment?

Strengths and Career Coaching

Mark Twain once said, “the two most important days of our lives are the day we are born and the reason we find out why.” We provide coaching to clients to harness their natural talents to live more meaningful lives.

  • What drives you to achieve results and behave the way you do?
  • How do you influence and how does your behaviour impact others (your spouse/partner, family,  team, etc)?
  • How do you respond in personal and professional relationships?
  • How do you analyze information to aid more effective decision-making for yourself, your team and your organization?

We also provide coaching to clients who are going through a career transition or seeking opportunities which bring about true meaning and is aligned with their natural talents.

  • What are you passionate about that ignites your passion?
  • How can you leverage your natural talents and develop them into strengths to best serve you at work?
  • What steps can you take to bring about job satisfaction and meaning when your current job is not aligned with your natural talents and strengths?

Group Facilitation

We provide soft skills group facilitation services to address an organizational need that will bring about sustainable change and a more cohesive and engaged workforce.

  • The overall organizational strategy engagement is enhanced, and the organization is enabled  to successfully ensure successful strategy implementation and  optimum performance by all employees.
  • Leaders are better able to lead during times of uncertainty or significant change by being   equipped with skills to be personally resilient and to effectively manage team members who are struggling to adapt to the changes taking place.
  • Team members are better equipped  to deal with stress during times of significant change and therefore remain committed and engaged to the organization.